Brunswicks Professional Cleaning Services specialise in the Reach & Wash water-fed pole cleaning system which enable us to clean windows up to a height of 60 feet . Its 100% pure water garuntees you sparkling, smear free windows and signs that stay cleaner for longer.

Our water fed telescopic pole system makes commercial window cleaning completely safe. All our operators work from the safety of the ground, eliminating all the risks previously associated with other methods of commercial window and sign cleaning.

Brunswicks window cleaning staff started out cleaning domestic premises back in 1988 and have never had a client end their service due to not being happy with the quality provided.

Throughout the years technology has revolutionised the cleaning industry. Brunswicks has progressed along with the technology and uses only the best and latest cleaning methods.

We specialise in the Reach & Wash water-fed pole cleaning system. This 100% pure water system is not only environmentally friendly as no chemicals are used but guarantee’s to give you a sparkling, smear free window that stays cleaner for longer.